Annlyn Hughes {Custom Skull Artist}

    San Antonio Native, Annlyn Osborn Hughes always had an affinity for the arts. She grew up expressing herself through painting, dancing and drawing. One evening, while rummaging through her parents’ garage, she came across an old deer antler. Annlyn saw much more than just an abandoned animal horn, she saw its potential to be a masterful work of art. The next morning, she set out to find her materials. After collecting an assortment of vibrant beads and spending hours laboring over the antler, she turned what was once the lifeless remain of an animal into a dynamic work of art.

    The first antler experiment took place over two years ago, and Annlyn has now made a career of placing her own creative stamp on art and nature. She’s ventured into designing full animal skulls while procuring different materials to implement her colorful designs.

    Annlyn now resides in Beeville, Texas with her husband, D.A., and their two dogs, Lucy and Pakula. When she     is not busy painting and beading, she and her husband spend their time traveling, hunting, or fishing, looking for inspiration and new artistic concepts.